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At Lingraphica we are constantly looking for ways to improve your user experience and provide the best support possible. We regularly update our devices and software to meet those needs and maintain a record of the changes we make.

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Software Changelog


Released for all devices in October 2021.

The premier features for this release are:

  1. Set-up Assistant
  2. Page Editor
  3. Changes to Standard Button Bar

New Features

  • Set-up Assistant
    • Walks a first-time user through basic settings (Voice, Skin Tone, Icon Size, Alignment, Lines of Text, Projection, Theme)
    • Also can be launched from the settings menu and optionally after a device reset
  • Page Editor
    • Bulk Delete
    • Copy / Paste
    • Undo Icon Creation / Deletion / Moving
  • Button Bar
    • Orange Menu Button (settings) moved to the Info Bar
    • Text labels can be toggled on and off
    • Forward and Camera buttons restored to Standard Button Bar (replaces practice and play)
    • Updated practice button image
    • Button bar can be aligned horizontally or at the bottom of the gallery


  • Removed outdated support information
    • Removed the “Kari” help video from device onboarding
    • Removed Ace Program Icon
    • Help Icon now links to support website (rather than outdated videos)
  • The Whiteboard was optimized to improve overall stability and performance

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where scenes would fail to display if the icon image was set to off
  • Fixed a bug where pressing Return Key after Cloud Restore wouldn’t close the dialog box

Release Date: 10/20/2021


Patch release in order to fix issues users were having updating from 2.12.0 to 2.12.1.
This fixes issue with OTA update failing on devices that used corrupt beta build backup templates. Customizations created from these templates will now be able to OTA update.

Release Date: 8/4/2021


Released for all devices in Q3 2021.

The premier features for this release are:

  • Icon Lock Indicator
  • Independent Settings for Therapy Mode Assets
  • Added ~ 500 assets to support adjusting the skin tone of more icons
  • Icons that support Skin tone selection

New Features

  • Icon Lock Indicator
    • A Lock Icon is displayed in the title bar when the Icon Lock setting is turned on when pressed it speaks that the icons are locked
    • A Lock Icon is displayed over the “Delete” option when Icons are locked.
    • A Lock Icon is displayed on the Reset Buttons when the Icons are locked.


  • Toggling Sound / Picture / Text when inside therapy mode no longer persists outside of Therapy Mode

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed icons under Scenes > Family so that they are projected in the correct size when pressed
  • Fixed a bug where the ESC key was not canceling a Projected Icon
  • Fixed a bug where the Walk Animation was not correctly responding to the Skin Tone Selection
  • Fixed a bug where “Switch to English/Spanish” was cutoff when “Use Uppercase” set to on

Release Dates: 7/21/2021


Released for all devices in Q2 2021.

The premier features for this release are:

  1. Support for the Samsung A7 TouchTalk tablet.
  2. Personalization of skin tone for system icons.

New Features

List of brand-new features added in this release

  • Skin tone Personalization: Ability for the user to personalize the skin tone of icons that support this customization. The user can change the skin tone for an individual icon or change the global setting for skin tones in the Display settings section.

List of icons supported in this version:

    • me
    • run
    • feelings
    • bodily function
    • wash
    • cook
    • drive
    • eat
    • smile
    • get
    • bathe
    • manipulation
    • exercise
    • thinking
    • good feelings
    • physical feelings
    • stroke
    • actions
    • cleaning
    • cooking
    • driving
    • eating
    • grooming
  • Gallery Navigation with Keyboard: The user can now use the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT keys on their keyboard to navigate through the icons in the picture gallery. The Space and Return key activates the currently selected icon . The Escape key will take you out of the current page, just like pressing the Back button in the button bar. This feature is also available to the directional accessories such as Joysticks, and should support the joystick’s positive and negative buttons for Return/Activate and Escape/Back.
  • Toggle Gallery Language shortcut: The gallery language toggle option is available in the first row of the settings screen. This toggle can be enabled or disabled from the Display settings option.
  • Toggle Icon activation click sound: The user can now turn on or off the click sound that is played when an icon is selected on the screen. The default value is ON and the user can turn the click sound playback by changing the setting present under the Icon Behavior settings group.
  • Tapping on battery icon in the title bar speaks out the battery percentage.
  • Tapping on the WiFi icon in the title bar speaks out the signal strength.


List of enhancements to existing features

  • Reset TouchTalk: The Reset TouchTalk functionality has been enhanced to allow the user to also optionally clear the Downloads directory and Cloud backups associated with this device. The user can choose any of the options on the screen to reset the device.
  • Frequent upload of device analytics: As of this version, the language system will upload the analytics data to the server on every internet check it makes. This allows us to collect data quicker and can be used as a test by Tech Support for detecting if the device is connected to the internet during a TeamViewer session.
  • Appearance of links follow UI Standard: In this release, we made text that acts as a link look like a link with blue color text that is underlined. This change will help the user associate the text with a tappable or clickable action. These links appear on the Onboarding, WiFi, Advanced Settings screens.
  • Language system log files: The language system creates a log file on both Android and Windows OS devices that can be retrieved while we are remotely connected to the device through TeamViewer. This log file contains useful debug and system status information that will be useful for engineering to diagnose issues. The log file is cleared each day to avoid using up space on the users machine.
  • Additional QC Tests: We added the following tests in this release:
  • Manual verification: Sanitized Device, Email signed-In
  • Automated Verification: Asset counts to account for skin tone personalization changes.
  • MultiTalk backup includes only language system files: This addresses the issue we faced when extra files added on a users machine in the user directory propagate to other devices through the cloud backup and restore feature.


Bug Fixes

  • Video Icon play back on AllTalks: The video playback did not launch when the user activated a video icon. This issue has been resolved in this release. This fix addresses the known issue recorded.
  • Fixed broken internet search: The internet search would break on certain search terms. Please refer to the known issue for more details. This release addresses some of the underlying issues that led to this behavior.


Release Dates: 05/13/2021


The MultiTalk software now runs on Android 10. Android 10 is available on the Lenovo M8 (MiniTalk) and Samsung Tab A (TouchTalk) devices.

Feature Changes

List of features changes added in this release

  • WiFi screen: Android 10 does not allow us to build our own connection screen in Unity.
    • On Android 10 devices when user goes to Settings > WiFi the Android WiFi panel will now open instead of our custom-built WiFi screen.
    • Changed the User Experience of the onboarding screens. Since we can no longer show the custom WiFi screen, we are now showing the Android WiFi panel. User will see an option to “Open WiFi” to open the Android WiFi panel to connect to a network.

Manufacturing Changes

List of features changes added in this release:

  • manufacturing scripts will now automatically set TeamViewer file transfer permissions. This will save tech support and users from having to manually accept the permission when file transfer opens.
  • QC Asset files test: Added a new automated test to the “Quality Control Tests” in “Manufacturing Options”. This test checks that system assets are present on the device (images, animations, hotspots, videos and sounds).

Bug Fixes

List of bugs addressed in this version:

  • Fixed Day/Date title bar preview in “Device Settings”. The full day and date didn’t appear in the preview if the day was “Wednesday”. Fixed by expanding the preview. Note: this issue was only with the preview, the actual title bar above the gallery worked correctly.

Release Dates: 1/26/2021


MultiTalk software runs on the new TouchTalk tablet, the Samsung Tab A.

New Features

List of brand new features added in this release

  • Day and Date now included in the black title bar.
    • User can change the day/date format in Settings > Device Settings
  • Moved “Advanced Settings” option from the settings screen to “Device Settings”

Bug Fixes

List of bugs addressed in this version

  • Icon text is now visible when “Show icon picture” is OFF and “Theme” is “Maroon” or “Brown”
  • The icon image now appears if you edit an icon while “Show icon picture” is OFF. In version 2.11.0 the icon image disappeared (default question mark image) if user tried to edit icon while “Show icon picture” was OFF.

Release Dates: 12/16/2020


Includes new button bar options and Practice and Scanning features.

New Features

List of brand-new features added in this release

  • New Button Bar Options
    • Location: “Settings” > “Display” > “Button Bar”
    • Standard Button Bar
      • New button bar option that includes buttons for the new Practice and Scanning features. The forward navigation and the camera buttons are not available with the Standard Button Bar. This is the new default button bar.
    • Therapy Button Bar
      • New button bar option that includes buttons for the new Practice and Scanning features. It also includes Sound, Picture, and Text toggles. These toggles can be used to turn icon sound, picture, and text ON or OFF. The forward navigation, camera, FastTalk, Type N Talk, and Whiteboard buttons are not available with the Therapy Button Bar.
    • Classic Button Bar
      • This is our classic button bar that we’ve had on all previous versions. It includes the forward navigation and camera buttons. Users who OTA update to version 2.11.0 will still be on the classic button bar.
    • Therapy Mode shortcut
      • Shortcut toggle located in the first row of the Settings page. Toggling this ON will turn the button bar into the Therapy Button Bar. turning toggle OFF will go back to whichever button bar you have selected in Display > Button Bar.
      • “Enable Therapy shortcut” under “Display” will enable/disable this toggle option.
  • Practice
    • Gives users the ability to perform speech therapy using icons. When users press the practice button it will open up the selected icon in a full screen view. Sound recording will start and the icon’s text will speak. The user can then repeat what was spoken. When the recording is finished it will play back what was recorded to the user giving immediate feedback on how well they did. The recordings length is determined by the “Icon Behavior” > “Practice Recording Time” setting.
  • Scanning
    • This feature will activate each icon sequentially starting with the selected icon. If no icon is selected it will start from the first icon on the page. Scanning speed is determined by the “Workspace Options” > “Phrase Playback Speed” setting. Icon projection, icon sound, etc. are determined by settings under “Icon Behavior”.
  • Touch Feedback
    • Location: “Icon Behavior” > “Icon Behavior” > “Touch Feedback”
    • When this is turned on the user will feel a slight vibration when an icon is pressed.
    • This feature is only available on the following Android tablets
      • Lenovo P10
      • Lenovo Tab4 8″
      • Lenovo Tab4 10″
      • Android Dell
    • This feature is NOT available on Windows devices.
  • Chrome and Zoom
    • Chrome browser and zoom are now available without needing to unlock the device. They can be found in the second row of the settings screen. NOTE: if chrome and zoom are not installed on the device then they will not appear in settings. All device shipped with 2.11.0 will have them installed. Devices shipped prior to 2.11.0 will not have them installed. Tech support will be able to install chrome and zoom remotely using “Manufacturing Options” > “Verify System Apps”.

Feature Enhancements

List of enhancements to existing features

  • Interrupting icon projection and sound playback
    • Users now have the ability to interrupt icon projection and sound playback. While an icon is projecting/speaking the user can tap on the icon again to stop the projection and sound. Users are also able to activate other icons or button bar features while an icon is projecting/speaking.
  • Delete confirmation dialog
    • User’s will now be presented with a confirmation dialog when they delete icons. This will help prevent users from accidentally deleting icons.
  • Page toggle
    • New “Page” toggle located above the preview icon in the Icon Editor. This toggle has replaced the “Edit Page Options” button and dialog. This simplifies to process of turning and icon into a page and vice versa.
  • Camera button added to “photos”
    • The camera button is now always available in the “photos” page. This was done since we removed the camera button from the Standard and Therapy button bars.
  • Full screen whiteboard/photo UI tweaks
    • Moved the cancel button to the bottom left corner (consistent with all other screens).
    • Moved the trash can button from the bottom right to the top left. Bottom right is usually where the green check is so it was causing some users to press the trash button thinking it was the green check.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the following Android Dell issues
    • Whiteboard drawings were not saving (blank image)
    • photos were not saving (blank image)
    • Icons that use Ivona TTS engine were taking 20 seconds to speak
    • Reset took a long time to show the Reset spinner dialog. This made it seem like device was frozen during reset.

Release Date: 11/13/2020

For older versions please contact technical support.